Our Green Projects

Meadowbrook is always looking for new opportunities that meet the founders principles, Creating homes and lifestyles for future generations. Developing sustainable agricultural and energy generating models.

Green Projects

Over the last four years Meadowbrook has been working on a truly unique project in the heart of Derbyshire. Considerable time and money has been invested working with some of the leading edge thinkers of Agricultural world to devise a method of tackling excess food miles, our carbon footprints and sustainability.

Meadowbrook has created a blueprint for combined energy production from Combined Heat & Power systems (CHP) that produces sufficient energy to radically enhance production from indoor growing facilities. Having taken that step a Vertical Farming module has been added. VF was pioneered by Dr Dickson Despommier a lecturer at Columbia University. His visionary concept of creating urban farms, was modified to create Food production hubs, taking indoor growing, and maximising food production twenty fold. The potential to further increase food production to a levels hitherto unseen is unequivocal.

The Derbyshire project being situated on the fringes of local markets has the following clear advantages

1. High production levels
2. No use of pesticide
3. Reduction of water use by up to 90%
4. Resultant sustainable energy production

Meadowbrook seeks to incorporate new technologies into the traditional agricultural and energy creation processes for the benefit of the community.

Illustrations below clearly show how crop production can be enhanced in an efficient manner without the disadvantages of pesticides and crop loss due to inclement weather, whilst allowing the land to be managed in a way compatible with wildlife and nature to develop a symbiotic relationship with what we need to live and how to put everything back to help the land become healthy and productive for future generations.

We have the support of several experienced companies who have been retained to provide advice and expertise on the development of the Vertical Farming Crop & Energy Production Project.

We have energy support from the University of Nottingham, Contributions attached.

Architects Mr Stephen Heathcote & Mr Jason Smith of Bakewell & Co, Belper, Derbyshire.

Construction Services provided by; Oakenhall Building Services Ltd.

Management & Project coordination supplied by; Risk Approvals Group Ltd

Using south facing sloping agricultural land, each building is capable of producing 8 to 12 crops per annum. Utilising hydroponic and aeroponic technology’s to reduce the use of water consumption in crop production. We have added to the controlled environment the new methodology of “Vertical farming”, utilising space in the controlled environment by height to maximise growing space, and increasing the volume and yields of the crop production.

Create year round crop cycles to maximise on crop yields for out of season crops, and manage the food production in terms of factory farming, with guaranteed output at regular cyclic intervals when demand and use is required, reducing waste of crop production, meeting customer demands in a planned and methodical plan.

Objectives include reducing the carbon miles for food, attracting recognition of food produced with no pesticides, and also allowing for crop choice in terms of variety, which has been selected for taste rather than shelf life.

Energy production will be obtained from renewable sources, the sources of energy production, will incorporate, anaerobic digestion, biomass energy generation, partnerships with local agricultural units who have to face the challenge of managing waste slurry production. so no shortfall of produce, creation of green energy employment that involves, horticulture, agriculture, aerophonics and engineering skills from a local workforce.